Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jah, Humbug!

Here's a twist on a familiar scene from a seasonal favorite:
Charles Dickens' best-known work has been updated, recast, and restaged countless times, and we're happy to add our version to the canon, with Jacob Marley's distant great-great-nephew Bob filling in for him.

Here's the concept sketch I submitted to Dan Piraro:
Interestingly, my sketch shows an elevated view of the scene, which was partly inspired by Dan's style, while his finished art employs a straight-on eye-level camera angle, which is my usual default.

Please feel free to revisit the ghosts of cartoons past in this blog's Bizarro Index.

This is a good time to thank you once again for reading the comics and this blog, and for everyone's feedback, support, encouragement, and wisecracks.

Whatever holiday(s) you may celebrate, I hope they're all enjoyable.

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