Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dealer Incentives

This Sunday's Bizarro comic is yet another clown-based joke.
Bizarro ringmaster Dan Piraro and I both love a good clown gag. I believe we share the same feeling about clowns: we're not afraid of them, we just don't like them.

The submission sketch was formatted for a regular daily panel. The final art follows the same general staging, but Dan gave it his full-on Sunday treatment, which is spectacular, as always.
As mentioned above, clowns appear in many of our gags. Here's a look at our other polka-dotted funnies.
Our growing pile of collaborations is archived in this blog's Bizarro Index.

Coming up on Wednesday: a meta-gag.


  1. can't believe u fit all those clowns in one post. and i agree with you guys, i hate clowns but i'm not scared of them. just want to punch their stupid red nose in, is that wrong?

  2. Those are all really good!