Thursday, April 18, 2013

Waiting in the Wings

Today's Bizarro comic looks in on network television's latest must-see talent contest.
Some critics say it's just an imitation of Avian Idol, but a lot of peeps seem to love it.

Dan Piraro's finished art followed my sketch very closely, with the only major change being an electric guitar in place of the acoustic. That was an oversight on my part. I'd forgotten that owls are well-known Gibson fans.
Although this is mainly just an absurd, slightly surreal cartoon, I can't deny that there's an element of commentary on the overblown melismatic singing style that's so popular on programs of this ilk.

As always, you are invited to stroll through the scores of Bizarro gags that Dan and I have cooked up together over the past few years.

• • •

In other tuneful news... It's well-known that nearly all musicians are frustrated artists, and that many artists, especially cartoonists, imagine themselves as musicians. This weekend I'll offer further proof as I perform with a musical side project at a (very indulgent) coffee shop in my neighborhood. 
This band brings together a group of like-minded friends, including Dave Klug, a fantastic cartoonist who's also a very talented drummer, plus some other excellent players who will lend legitimacy to the proceedings. If you're the Pittsburgh area, please drop by. There's no cover charge, you can bring in alcohol (in fact that's encouraged), and the proprietors offer very nice coffee, tea, and freshly-made, tasty foodstuffs.


  1. hmmm .. what to make of those of us who are *both* frustrated cartoonists and musicians? the implications weigh heavily.

    shame on you / thank you for forcing me to my dictionary. left to my own devices, i'm prone to consider myself at least modestly erudite. but "melismatic" sent me scrambling. (the bonus: "melisma" is the correlating noun. i'll place it on my mental shelf alongside "miasma."

    also, in spite of my background in ecological sciences, the owl's preference for gibson is new to me. woulda sworn that they'd surely be stalwart fender fans. oh well. learn something new every day.

    great site gag -- been a fan of dan pirarro's work for awhile. it's nice to add your blog to the mix.

    best regards from oakland, ca


  2. Dave,

    Welcome, and thanks for the thoughtful comments.

    I hope the blog provides some entertainment and a few laughs.