Monday, April 15, 2013

Form 1040-DOA

Today is the deadline for US citizens to file their tax returns, so we present an appropriate Bizarro cartoon on the subject.
The gag refers to the famous quote, "[I]n this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes," which Benjamin Franklin used in a letter in 1789, although he was paraphrasing a line from a play which first appeared in 1716. It's also often attributed to Mark Twain. In any case, it seems that even the hooded one himself is no match for the taxman.

The submission sketch is flipped horizontally compared to the final version. I chose this view to show the tax form in the auditor's hand, though it may not be necessary with the lettering on the office door. Showing two characters seated on opposite sides of a desk is a reliable staging for any number of cartoon situations.
Special credit for this gag is due my wonderful spouse Kimberly, who has a great ear for dialog, an art director's discerning eye, and a real flair for crafting a gag. Very often she'll say, "I have an idea for you," and will describe a perfect cartoon, as she did in this case.

April is turning out to be a fairly prolific month for my funny-paper appearances. So far, this is my third collaboration with Bizarro poo-bah Dan Piraro, and another one will pop up on Thursday.

Our previous joint efforts can be viewed in this blog's archive. And please do check back on the 18th for the latest offering.


  1. Great gag, and adding the DOA to 1040 was brilliant. Excellent teamwork, W&K. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. So funny! Cool gag you have there! I came across this while I'm searching for an IRS form here Just in case anyone here needs a 1040 form, here it is
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  3. Thanks, Katherine! I'm glad to know you got a little laugh while doing your taxes.