Thursday, November 29, 2012

Helloooo, Kitty!

Your Humble Cartoonist/Blogger was a bit surprised when today's Bizarro was accepted for publication. It's naughtier than most of what appears on the funny pages, although in a gentle sort of way. Still, it could cause some discomfort for parents whose offspring ask for an explanation of the joke, but it's time probably time you had that chat anyway. You might even learn something.
Dan Piraro's finished art is similar to my concept sketch, with a few tweaks. In a rare role reversal, my sketch includes background elements that Dan cleared away, to very good effect. I violated my own rule about eliminating unnecessary details, and am very happy with the final version. I particularly enjoyed the satisfied expression on Dan's fatter cat, and the sex kitten's look of utter indifference.
The most difficult part of composing this blog post was selecting a title that wasn't extremely vulgar. Captioning the cartoon took some time for the same reason. Most of my initial attempts were neither subtle nor particularly funny. The 900 number, though, works rather nicely. Also, there's no danger of this being an actual number, since "feline" corresponds to six digits, not the seven required for US phone lines. So, I'm secure in the knowledge that no innocent readers will incur "premium rate" fares if they try dialing it. 

My previous comical collaborations with Bizarro's Grand Poobah, Dan Piraro can be viewed in this blog's Bizarro Archive.


  1. The national readership is blushing---good one!

  2. I'm a human (I think) and, since I don't have a cat right now (or a cat doesn't have me) I could use a way to get my necessary daily value of purrs. Maybe this would work ...