Sunday, November 18, 2012

Famous for 15 Seconds

I'm running a few days behind on this Bizarro post, but happily so. The last couple of weeks have been loaded up with my current artist's residency at Pittsburgh's Manchester Craftsmen's Guild. I'll post about that sometime soon.

Meanwhile, here's my latest collaboration with the mighty Dan Piraro, from Wednesday, November 14.
The cartoon comments on musical snobbery, of which I have been guilty in my life. I hope that's not the case anymore, but certainly in adolescence many of us exhibited this type of one-upmanship, claiming to have been in on something before everybody else.

If that still goes on today , it happens within a much shorter time frame, with many musical careers now being outlived by the average fruit fly.

Here's the sketch as submitted to Mister P.
Dan flopped the composition horizontally, and while my characters are relatively fresh-faced teens, he shows them as jaded hipsters. Also, in Dan's version, the long-time fan goes way back with the band, an even earlier adopter than in the sketch version.

Dan talks about this panel, and the poster on the wall, in his always-entertaining blog. He also included a very rare photo of some of his regular gag writers, taken when some of us paid a friendly visit to Bizarro Global HQ.

Our next joint effort, which I can't wait to share, will pop up on November 29. Until then, please enjoy our previous laffs, which are all available in the Piraro/Wayno warehouse, within this very blog.

Thanks for following and commenting.


  1. I used to talk that way about Cormac McCarthy.

  2. I just wanted to say that enjoy looking through your blog to read about the "behind-the-scenes" thinking that goes into making cartoons. Thanks not only for the laughs but also for a glimpse in the creative process.


  3. Thanks for the nice words, Barb!

  4. I agree, these postings are as much fun as reading the finish.