Friday, October 19, 2012

GI, GI, Ohhhhh

It's been some time since I've collaborated with Hilary Price, the cartoonist behind Rhymes With Orange, and it's a pleasure to have a new gag appear in her comic.

It's a simple, direct joke, which I like a lot, and is an example of what I refer to as a Tufnel (wringing a joke out of a familiar phrase by changing a number or letter by an increment or two).

Hilary based her comic on this (extremely) rough submission sketch:
Her revised dialog is a nice refinement. The first line, "Thankfully, it hasn't progressed." neatly sets up the idea that before you contract e. coli, it has to go through the a, b, c, and d stages. Bravo!

Earlier this year, I filled in as Hilary's guest cartoonist, allowing her to take some time off, and have written a few other jokes she liked enough to include in RWO. All of these can be viewed here.


  1. I like her style of cartooning. There's something about that kind of work that communicates irony and sarcasm. There are a few cartoonists who do it well and it's apparently not easy to achieve the effect, because it's freaking funny as hell and if anyone could do it, they would.

  2. I quite agree, Hemlock! It's not easy to pull off such a seemingly simple style in an effective manner. Well said.