Thursday, October 04, 2012


In honor of Halloween, here's an old comic based on a childhood memory.

This was originally published in 1991.

Read on—if you dare!


  1. Great Humping Jove!!! That is HILARIOUS!!

    Strangely, I had a similar dream experience when I was very small. I dreamed I was enjoying a baby bottle filled with cold chocolate milk (my mom would actually give me this as a treat when I was a baby). So from this dream I awaken and find that I don't have my baby bottle full of cold chocolate milk. But I look across the room to see that my sister has placed her giant girl doll against the opposite wall. But she tossed the two-foot tall doll in its frilly dress so that it's standing on its head. And its open/shut eyes are wide open. And in its hand is a toy baby bottle!

    Yeah, you can freaking-A sure bet I screamed bloody freaking murder.