Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who's Krazy Now?

Today's sticky Bizarro kartoon references and extrapolates on a familiar brand name:
I submitted two versions of this idea to Bizarro's kreator, Dan Piraro.
Dan chose the one with the salesman speaking, and re-staged the image, zooming in on the characters and the hardware display. He also edited and streamlined the dialog, greatly improving the gag's rhythm and impact.

The sketch relies on the customer's chin-scratching gesture to indicate his confusion, while Dan's final art elegantly gets the idea across by showing him holding two products while looking to the salesman for guidance. By the way, I find myself in a similar situation at the local hardware store just about every weekend.

The idea for this gag arose from a conversation with friends at a recent "event" dinner. We were discussing a household repair, and someone mentioned seeing this recent Krazy Glue commercial. I joked that since I wasn't bungee jumping, Krazy Glue seemed a little extreme, and I probably just needed a slightly disturbed adhesive. Fortunately, I scribbled the idea on a losing raffle ticket, stuck it in my pocket, and made the sketches a couple of days later.

While assembling this post, I found a blog showing the ad's storyboards, which were created by an artist named Chris Kawagiwa. His storyboard work is very good, and his personal comics/illustration work is even better.

My next collaborative comic with the rockin' Mr. Piraro will appear on Thursday, December 1, with two more in the pipeline for the following week. All of our previous two-man comics are archived under the Bizarro label.

And, don't forget, there are now just 26 shopping days until the start of my second deployment as Bizarro's guest cartoonist. The invasion begins on Boxing Day 2011 (December 26).

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  1. This is why all great idea men carry around either little notebooks or recording gadgets. Personally, I prefer the notebook because no one else gets to see yer ideer until it's ready. Plus, it makes you look all cool and intellectual-like when yer writin' it down.