Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bed Bath & Beyoncé

Today's illin' Bizarro cartoon features two disillusioned music fans:
Had we referenced a rock musician, this comic might be seen as a depiction of an artist selling out, but in this case selling down might be a more appropriate phrase. It's not so much a comment on this specific rapper, producer, entrepreneur, and conspicuous consumer/endorser as simply an opportunity to make a satisfying pun.

These posts always include my submission sketch, but this one barely qualifies.

The rough is little more than a verbal description of the concept. Once again, the talented Mister Piraro fleshed it out and created a stunning visual to deliver the joke. The second talk bubble was a masterful addition. It's the perfect, deadpan rimshot, punctuating the joke. Also, his hand-lettered signage looks exactly like an actual Penney's storefront, further enhancing the gag.

Speaking of Dan, he's got a special comedy performance coming up on November 22 at New York's Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art. His live show includes music, wisecracks, audience participation, a slideshow, antics, shenanigans and lots of laughs.

We have several more collaborative cartoons lined up for the end of the month. Meanwhile, you can always review our previous joint efforts in this blog's Bizarro Archive.

My second week-long stint as Bizarro guest cartoonist will be announced soon.

Oh, and one more thing: please pull up your trousers.

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  1. Great pun! Honestly, it's not very far from the truth and it's been that way for years now... Jay-Z's Rocawear clothes swept into JCPenney and those other department stores in the early-to-mid 00s, along with other hip hop clothing lines, and pretty much took over huge chunks of the floor space. As far as I know, they're still the dominant brands for teen-junior-young adult sections.