Thursday, January 08, 2009

Low Notes

My friend Steve is a writer for The Late Show with David Letterman. One of his babies was an ongoing bit called "Dave's Record Collection."

One a couple of occasions he borrowed some of my records to use on the show. This is one that made the cut in late 2001.

And here's Letterman's note card for the album. I guess the third one-liner is the one they used on-air.


  1. Wasn't that at the Monterey Pop Festival?

  2. You're right! But, all comedians know that words with a "k" sound are funnier, so Letterman said it was at Woodstock.

  3. I can recall some really wacko record covers from my days as a used and collectible records dealer. You never knew what you were going to find in someone's attic or what would walk through the door of the shop. Truly strange material.

  4. Oddball music is a bottomless well of delight. There's always more strangeness to discover!

  5. It's always so "telling" when you see the little man behind the curtain, writing the quips that Letterman (or Leno etc) tosses out like they are bubbling up, little champagne bubbles in his fertile quip-garden brain.

    Love the Hi-Brow guy!

    Small world - a writer that used to work where I work wrote for Letterman too! His BIG SELL was one time he wrote the Top Ten list.