Monday, January 19, 2009

Brew-Ha Ha

A blogger called McDrunk, who's new to me, has posted scans of Brew-Ha Ha, a board game I designed for Scairy Hairy Toys in 1993.

Here are the rules, playing pieces, and the board.

There are a few more images at McDrunk's blog.

It was fun looking at this again. I like the look of the characters with gigantic heads. Once again, limitations (in this case the small space available for each illustration) produced interesting, unexpected results.

Scairy Hairy Toys produced seven games designed by cartoonists, and they were silkscreened and assembled by hand. Obviously, the production was very limited. I'm thinking there were no more than 100 produced, but I don't have any record of that.

Scairy Hairy was the brainchild of Bruce Hilvitz and Flower Frankenstein who are both still involved in oddball art projects in Pueblo Colorado and San Francisco, respectively.

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  1. That's pretty good! The art on the board and instructions came out really nice! Big head characters are always funny.

    A few years ago I recall reading about North Korean refugees who, starving, would become so desperate that they would swim across a border river over to China. China would take these people--mainly older children and young teenagers--and ship them to South Korea. Where they would be put in temporary homes. And the South Koreans referred to them as "big heads" because they were so starved for calories that, while their skulls developed normally, their bodies were shrunken. So I guess big heads aren't always funny.