Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Work in Progress

Developing a caricature of William Bendix (circa 1942)

It still needs some work, but is getting there.


  1. Nice caricature!

    A few years ago I was watching part of what seemed to be a really weird movie. The scene had Bendix and Alan Ladd sitting at a table, with Bendix in a threatening and seemingly drunken mood. What struck me was this:

    Alan Ladd seemed to be quite the larger of the two, and as I understand things, Alan Ladd was a really, really little guy (like 5'2" or something??!!). If this is so, then that would make William Bendix REALLY short! Like almost midget short.

    Was this just a trick of the camera lense, or was William Bendix a really tiny human?

  2. I think that's the same movie I'm referencing here. "The Glass Key," with Bendix, Ladd and Veronica Lake. There's a scene where Bendix delivers a brutal beating to Ladd -- it's painfully violent, and has a heavy homoerotic vibe. Pretty wild stuff for 1942.