Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jukebox Chick Revisited

The final version of the music-loving barfly, in a rough mockup of the CD tray.

An autographed Chinese Zodiac poster goes out to the first person to correctly identify the subjects of the CD covers in the jukebox and the three visible posters on the wall.

Update: The contest is closed! For you trivia buffs, the "CDs" in the jukebox are Stan Freberg's Omaha EP, Homer & Jethro's Barefoot Ballads album and a Louis Jordan Decca EP. That is in fact Jimmy Durante in the topmost poster, followed by a detail from the Karl Hendricks Trio's Some Girls Like Cigarettes 10" LP, and a poster from my 2007 art show, Squaresville.


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Nice rear! Jimmy Durante is back there on the wall, there's a CD about the musical Omaha!, looks like Huck Finn on the raft there, Louis Jordan under that. I'm not sure what Squaresville is there, with the smokin' hipster, and last there's the gal with the martini. Is that close enough?

  2. By my count, that's three out of six. If nobody comes closer within a week, Muscles is da winna!

  3. Huck Finn???


    The babe is from one of those 45s you illustrated for that guy. I can't remember his name! Or the name of the record! And I ain't gonna dig it out, but YOU know the one!

    Squaresville was one of your gallery shows I think...

    I think me and muscles have stumbled up the info so bad it's hard to say you have a clear winner - unless somebody tells you EXACTLY and WITHOUT QUESTION what all six things are in one coherent post.

    If nobody does that, give Muscles the prize!

  4. looks like Robert Mitchum

  5. Karl Hendricks Trio!

    It came to me as I lay in bed almost asleep last night...

  6. Ooh, I think MM is in the lead now!