Saturday, January 08, 2022

Post Nasal Droop

Hollywood Gardens, PA had its first snowfall of the year this week, and your cartoonist spent Friday morning outside the studio, laboring in frigid conditions. It reminded me to appreciate the fact that I normally work in my own comfortable surroundings, writing jokes and drawing funny pictures.

In addition to making comics, I regularly seek out new pipe pics to share with you. This one is an antique print by James Montgomery Flagg, which may have been an ad for a tobacco company. It depicts either a giant pipe and tobacco pouch, or a tiny human, and the caption reads, "What more do you want?"

Flagg (1877 – 1960) was an American artist, comics artist and illustrator. He is best known for his political posters, particularly the "I Want YOU" army recruitment poster featuring Uncle Sam. While researching Flagg, I learned that he appeared in a beer advertisement in 1949, showing him at work in his studio.

Except for the paints, canvases, and easel, this looks exactly like most cartoonists' studios.

Before I send my assistant to fetch another PBR, I'd like to share our most recent comics.

Mister Fantastic doesn't snap back the way he did in the Silver Age. 
Note: This comic is part of our ongoing "Ridiculing Superheroes" series.

Some characters have the kind of face people just want to punch. Incidentally, this is our first clown gag of the New Year; we held out as long as we could.

As a human who lives with a couple of feline family members, I'm sure these unearthly visitors eventually found themselves acting as kitty butlers, too.

The contractors carry tarps for the job in their back pockets, and the customer added a "no whistling" clause to the agreement.

It's always fun to watch a kitchen fire flinch and then laugh in response to one of these novelty extinguishers.

We ran two clown comics this week, but it's okay, since it's been a couple of months since the last one. Let's hope we don't experience another dry spell that long.

The sign on stage is actually a "note to self."

That's the latest from your shivering cartoonist. Drop by next week for more comics and comments, along with a fresh pipe pic. In the meantime, don't forget to visit Dan Piraro's blog, to discover what's on his mind, and to admire his newest Bizarro Sunday page.

Here's hoping the New Year treats you well.

Bonus Track

Elvis Costello & the Attractions
"Pump it Up" (1978)


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  1. I was going to write lengthy comment this morning but my cat is calling and I must attend to her needs.

    Great Elvis Costello selection today!

    1. Gotta respond to the cat! I understand completely.

  2. It got snowy and chilly at the other side of PA too. If I tried to move like Elvis in this video I'd have 2 broken ankles. I hope when we get back to some semblance of normal from Covid, I can hit the Western end of the state and hear your band play.

  3. Question of earthshaking importance: In the panel "Burst Responders," does the word "Pie" written on the license plate count as a secret symbol? I'm sure the question will come up in a FaceBook group I follow and I'd love to have a straight-from-the-source authoritative answer, even if it only stays in my head. Thanks for your most expert reply.

    1. The word doesn’t count as a symbol. It’s a red herring.

  4. Once in awhile, some folks in your cartoons seem to have a little more specific detail added to their faces. I wonder if you occasionally slip in secret visual nods to real people in your life...

    1. Yes, I do that on occasion (see the November 30, 2021 Bizarro), but didn’t in this current batch. Thanks for paying such close attention!

  5. Bystanders at the scene: "Stand back! Give
    him some air!" "That clown's not drunk, he's just exhausted." "Was he stabbed or unplugged?"