Saturday, July 17, 2021

By Any Other Name

Another Saturday has arrived, which means it's time to look back at the latest output from Bizarro Studios North. After we share a pipe pic, of course.
A tip of the Bizarro porkpie to our pal Jonathan Barli, who provided a high resolution scan of this lovely image. Jon wrote, edited and designed The Mad World of Virgil Partch, the definitive book about my all-time favorite cartoonist.
This odd fellow is becoming a semi-regular member of the Bizarro Repertory Company. 

He made an appearance five years ago in my previous comic, WaynoVision.

Tuesday's gag dramatized a moment of interspecies empathy, a quality the human race would do well to emulate, although we have difficulty exhibiting empathy among our own kind.
We featured some granular medical imaging for a Wordless Wednesday gag.

My initial sketch simply substituted a snow globe for an ultrasound viewing screen, which was only slightly amusing. Showing a kid literally building a snowperson inside the globe added a layer of humor, combining logic with absurdity.

We also realized that the ultrasound sensor should properly be placed on the bottom snowball. That mistake would've been embarrassing.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but Rosie points out that a knuckle sandwich is a heartfelt expression of criticism.
The Batman approach, as applied to the gastropod kingdom.
To wrap up the week, we squeezed one more variation on the glass half empty/half full theme.

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Bonus Track

They Might Be Giants: "Snail Shell"
From the album, John Henry (1994)

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  1. The Arnold Zwicky blog has a detailed linguistic and graphic-reference discussion of the wonderful "Rosie Derivative" panel, at

  2. Maybe I'm just totally dim, but I don't get the dog and the lamp.

    1. The lamp shade looks like the “cone of shame” put on dogs after surgeries to keep them from licking or biting at the sutures.

  3. The ultrasound operator should wear the mask over carrot and coal

  4. It made me think of the lamp shade like thing they put around a dog’s neck to keep him, her, it from scratching at the surgical site. Damned if I can remember the term that is used for it.

  5. @ Old Sailor Dog - The empathetic dog has mistaken the lampshade as the dreaded Cone (or Collar) of Post-Vet-Visit Shame... : )

  6. In response to Old Sailor Dog, when dogs and cats have surgery, they will get a “cone” that will be put around their neck and extends up around their head so that they can’t lick or chew the area that had surgery.

    This cone can look like a lampshade, so the dog thinks the lamp had surgery as it is wearing a cone.

  7. The lampshade reminded me of the shield they put on a dog’s neck to prevent scratching a surgical site. But I can’t remember the term that is used for the damned thing.

  8. Elizabethan Collar

  9. For those who would care to know, that lamp shade thingy is referred by veterinarians as a "Elizabethan Collar". Sadly, I've needed to employ these on my pets far too many times over the years. Normally these collars are applied with the cone facing up, around the animal's head. I have found, however, that putting the collar on upside-down, with the cone towards the body, works equally as well for wound site protection and allows the pet easier access to food and water. YMMV

  10. I think it is simply called an "Elizabethan Collar". Or just cone. I've never heard it called "cone of shame," which is too humiliating for words.

  11. My favorite band!! Since 1989. I saw them a few times when they were still two guys and a reel-to-reel. I'm on the west coast so I didn't have a lot of chances.

    [Sorry if this winds up being a duplicate. Google slapped me with an error the first time I tried.]

    1. Yes!!I love TMBG!! I saw the original band-less lineup once, and other configurations quite a few times. My favorite show was in 2009 when my dear friend Ralph Carney was in their touring band.