Saturday, June 05, 2021

They Call Me MISTER Peanut!

Welcome to our weekly cartoon retrospective, where we share the latest gags from Bizarro Studios North, plus anything else that catches our scattered attention.

We usually like to start with a pipe pic as part of our ongoing celebration of Bizarro's newest Secret Symbol, the Pipe of Ambiguity. This time, we have a beautiful double-piper for you.

Following last week's photo of the Graham Chapman, this shot features  fellow Pythons Terry Jones and Michael Palin at the 2012 premiere of A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story Of Monty Python's Graham Chapman.

One of last week's comics referenced a fictional music group that exists within the Bizarro comic universe.

Dedicated readers recognized their logo from an earlier panel, which also mentioned the band by name.

Of course, it's the ever-popular Iron Bunnies of Doom. As I look at this one, I regret not adding an umlaut to the name.

Now, let's check on the current output of our fun factory.

These mugs are known as The Gang That Couldn't Keep a Straight Face.

He could eat more, but he prefers sun-dried appetizers.

A few readers didn't understand the caption, because they weren't familiar with the term "spaghetti western." Inevitably, a gag will elude some people, but I hope they return the next day and find a joke that connects with them.

The innovative lawman was loosely modeled on the late comedian, actor, and game show host Rip Taylor. Part of Taylor's shtick was tossing confetti over himself and his audience.

Isn't it refreshing to see people who truly enjoy their work?

We assumed that Mister Peanut is familiar enough to most readers that they'd know whose photo is on that screen. I also reasoned that he couldn't possibly be the only member of an anthropomorphic legume species, and imagined life in a society of peanut people (as well as peanut extraterrestrials).

Saturday's gag was based on a misspelling I spotted in a social media post. I decided that perhaps it wasn't really a typo, but a word I hadn't encountered before.

That's the latest from our drawing board. Don't forget to check in on Dan Piraro's blog for his comments on this batch, along with a brand new Bizarro Sunday page.

In one of Dan's recent blog entries, he included a neat description of the way our partnership works. In case anyone here has wondered about it, I'd like to share his summary:

Here’s something you’ve never heard before or already knew: I, Dan Piraro, do the Sunday Bizarro cartoon each week and my partner, Wayno, writes and draws the Monday-Saturday cartoons, which are a different shape. People new to this site don’t always know that so I like to mention it from time to time. Also, Wayno is in no way trying to emulate my style but our styles of both drawing and humor are similar and so there are some readers who cannot readily see the difference. Is any of this important for you to know? Important is probably too strong a word, so, no.

One of his blog readers asked, "Do you and Wayno talk about the daily comics or is he pretty much on his own?" Dan replied:

[Wayno] sends me sketches before inking and we occasionally discuss ways to improve a joke or picture. I see them all before he commits them to ink but I only rarely suggest a change, and whether or not he follows my suggestion is his choice. He's good at what he does and needs no supervision but we both enjoy collaborating. 

We've been working together in one way or another since 2009, and I started doing the daily comics in 2018. It remains the best gig I've ever had, and the quotes included above certainly explain why.

Bonus Track

Tuesday's gag gives me the perfect excuse to share this wonderful buzzard-themed song, performed by the Andrews Sisters. The clip comes from the 1945 film, Her Lucky Night.

As always, we must note that some YouTube videos are unavailable in some parts of the world, and that the mobile version of this blog doesn't always show the video preview link. If you don't see it, click on View Web Version.


  1. Re: Mr. Peanut: Sounds like she's come across the profile of Roger Stone. Thanks again for your work.

  2. Wayno, you rock my world! Loving your sense of humor, and really enjoyed the Andrews Sisters tie-in with the Buzzard. Hilarious!

  3. The June 3 strip is not what was in that day's Montreal Gazette. How come? We were given the one with the weather forecaster

    1. I have no idea why that happened! I’ll see if I can find out. Can you please let me know what the dialogue was in the comic you saw (or take a photo for me?) you can send the info to me at


    2. It was apparently some sort of clerical error, since both files were dated June 3, but in different years. Or, maybe a layout editor travelled through time from 2015!

      Thanks for letting us know!

  4. I love that the peanut people are eating jelly but not peanut butter since, obviously, that would make them cannibals.