Saturday, November 28, 2020

50,000 Calories Can't Be Wrong

Bizarro Studios is closed for the long holiday weekend, so we'll keep this week's post brief.

Reference Photo of the Week

Cards on the Drawing Table

As we do every Saturday, we are pleased to offer a recap of our latest cartoon laffs.

A friend noted that this gag ran on the birthday of Boris Karloff. This was an unplanned but welcome coincidence.

I offer apologies to the continent of Australia for the use of a stereotype of their citizenry. As a youth, I was indoctrinated by Monty Python.

Isn't Bonsai & Barrel a mall store?

Thursday's panel offered a nod to a peculiar American tradition: the fad diet.

Our hero actually decided to take the pill making himself smaller before tackling this treat, for a more fulfilling experience.

This one was inspired by a friend's speculation about the origins of BMX after attending a rally. I enjoyed drawing the penny-farthing bicycle, and channeling the influences of both Edward Gorey and Chuck Jones.

We found the strip version of this gag to be a pleasing visual composition.

Thanks, as always, for checking out the blog. We'll return next week with a wordier offering. Meanwhile, please drop by Dan Piraro's blog, for his insights and a brand new Sunday Bizarro page.

Bonus Track

An Elvis-inspired performance by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.


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  1. I was especially amused by the cork fly (and other biting insect) repellants dangling from the Aussie’s hat. After visiting my sister, who was wooed away from our native South Dakota by a smooth talking Aussie from Toowoomba, our Dad fashioned himself such a hat for his own gardening and found it to be wonderfully effective (though the corks, themselves, were irritating enough but at least didn’t ever actually alight or bite) and wore it until age forced him to abandon gardening in his mid-80s.