Saturday, October 10, 2020

Born to be Mild

Does every week in 2020 have to be weirder than the one before? The news was filled with scandal, sickness, and outrage, yet the most memorable character was a common housefly.

Before we started our cartoon work on Monday morning, we headed to our county elections office and submitted our ballot for the November election. Fingers are crossed here.

Let's see what emerged from Bizarro Studios North over the last six days.

This joke eluded some readers, since most vanity plates seem to be based on the omission of letters to suggest a word or phrase. Ours is, I believe, more elegant. To get this one, you simply have to pronounce each letter in sequence.

This might simply be someone acting out of an abundance of caution. Whatever the motivation, one must admire the character's ability to operate the remote control while wearing  those gloves.

The Law of the West establishes that every chuck wagon leader must be nicknamed either "Wishbone" or "Cookie."

One-eyed jacks don't have to put up with this kind of pressure.

Etiquette is important everywhere.

That was certainly my goal.

Thanks for taking time out from fretting about the future of the American Experiment to read a few cartoons. Please come back regularly.

Don't forget to visit Dan Piraro's blog for additional commentary and another spectacular Bizarro Sunday page. 

Also, if you're not already hooked, I recommend checking out Dan "Diego" Piraro's surreal western graphic novel Peyote Cowboy. Every episode is available to read for free.

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  1. Why the two of clubs?

    1. It could have been any suit, and refers to the common practice of deuces (twos) serving as wild cards in some poker games.

  2. SKP = Svenska Kommunist Partiet / Swedish Communist Party ??

  3. Picky point: pandas are not bears--they are marsupials (like kangaroos).Just sayin'...

    1. You may be thinking of koalas.

  4. Am I late to the party? I know, I know. Look at the date...

    I thought the plate said "SKIP" skipping out. But, the letter pronunciation method is really cool!

    Space suit reminds me of my beekeeping suit!

    I, too, have hopalong capacity! Love chili! Especially with ketchup all over it...

    I just got back from staying with a cousin I hadn't seen in a long while. Brough along a deck of cards, but, he surprised me with a pool table! The joke was on me one sorta could say.

    Sporklift! Totally cool!!

    Worked all of my life since I was a child. As long as I did something, my parents were happy.

    Sirley Bassey! Wowza!

    Thanks, again, Wayno! You and your buddy rock the mountains!!