Saturday, April 18, 2020

Poe Boy, Long Way from Home

Happy Saturday, Jazz Pickles. Here's hoping you and your loved ones are safe and well as we negotiate these weird and unsettling times. 

We recently acquired a lovely and functional handcrafted face mask. The owner of my neighborhood coffee shop made these and sold them to raise money for the Pittsburgh Food Bank. I was delighted to find that she'd chosen one with a coffee bean pattern for me.
Thanks to Elizabeth B., a true local hero.

To accompany your morning coffee, or other beverage of choice, here's a review of the past week's Bizarro cartoons, for your amusement and/or indignation.
Monday's gag featured two figures associated with Easter encountering each other on the morning after. Bizarro World HQ received a few angry emails forbidding us from ever touching on this subject, but our CEO politely replied that other believers thought the cartoon was funny.

I saw one comment online describing the gag as "revolting blasphemy," but otherwise, it was well received. An old friend forwarded his pastor's weekly  newsletter, which included a photo of the cartoon snapped from their local paper.

I'd like to extend my thanks to Father Tom in Ohio for sharing the comic with his flock, and for maintaining a sense or humor about things he obviously takes seriously.

It's a little surprising that this form of immunotherapy isn't more common in vampire literature.

Wednesday's gag, written and drawn many weeks ago, was meant to run on the traditional income tax filing deadline date of April 15, but the coronavirus crisis has pushed it back. The good news is Bub has a job at least through mid-July.

Your cartoonist enjoyed drawing and coloring this gag mimicking 1930s animated cartoons, and imagining how the flying saucer and eyeball Secret Symbols might have looked in that context.

Friday's offering was freely adapted from an Edgar Allan Poe collection titled Tales of Mystery and Respiration. At least I think that's what is was called.

We wrapped up the week with a look at talent night in Frankenstein Village. The monster was known to be a fan of Patsy Cline.

Thanks for making Bizarro a part of your sheltering-in-place. We sincerely hope that we provide some much-needed laughter. Speaking of which, don't forget to visit Dan Piraro's Bizarro Blog, and check out his newest Sunday page.

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  1. I don't really consider myself a religious person, but I have to admit that Fr. Tom seems pretty cool for posting your Easter cartoon and the other gag in the church newsletter!