Saturday, February 01, 2020

You Ain't Nothin' But a Groundhog

Today is Groundhog Eve. Early tomorrow morning, a group of top-hatted loonies will gather in a small town less than a hundred miles from Bizarro Studios North to determine when spring weather will arrive. We wish the rodent forecaster the best of luck in making any meteorological prediction in the current climate, however long that may last.

One thing you can depend on is that our blog post will always have six recent cartoons to review together.
This is a condition rarely encountered by pediatric veterinarians.

Tuesday's gag struck a chord with readers who've had to attend mandatory fun sessions at work. I've you've ever been subjected to this form of corporate torture, you might consider a visit from GR preferable to paintball-karaoke, a golf scramble, or an escape room "experience."

We followed up on Wednesday with another workplace/death gag. 

I drew this under the assumption that new arrivals to the Underworld show up naked, but I'm not sure where I got that idea. 

It's a well-known phenomenon that any food heated in a communal microwave oven will produce a stench that can spread through a building floor of any size.

My attempt at drawing the oft-referenced "shit-eating grin."

A reader on the King Features site pointed out (correctly) that 1-877-GRAFTY couldn't possibly be a real phone number, since it only has six characters after the area code. That was, of course, intentional.

Two-dimensional composite drawings are passé. Spudville PD uses the latest in tuber technology to identify suspects.

Someone unknowingly served this unfortunate fellow a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal.

Thanks, as always, for reading Bizarro, and for making your way through the weekly review. Don't forget to visit my partner Dan Piraro's blog, where he offers his own comments on these gags, and unveils his latest gorgeous Sunday Bizarro page.

Bonus Track
"Groundhog," by Homer & Jethro

Regular readers know of my fondness for Homer & Jethro. This traditional number was originally released as a 78 in 1947. I have it on a few early LPs of varying quality and legality.
Photo courtesy of the Bizarro Studios North Archive

Further Listening
While searching for the Homer & Jethro video, I ran across several other recordings of "Groundhog," including fine versions by The Watson Family, Doc Watson, and The Dillards.

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