Sunday, September 08, 2019

Knock Me Your Lobes

Fall is in the air, and another Bizarro recap is on the blog. 

Here we go with the latest batch of foolishness.

The vacuum cleaner has long been the natural enemy of domestic animals. This is probably the first time I've done a canine gag that doesn't actually depict a dog.

He's also rushing the Delta Cro Magnon fraternity.

I was a little worried about showing a child at a bar drinking whiskey, but if you have a passing familiarity with Victorian literature and are decent at math, you've figured that he's 33 years old.

A few readers speculated that this was in some way prompted by Hurricane Dorian, which was in the news the week this gag was published. In fact, this cartoon was drawn in mid-July, long before Hurricane Dorian had even formed. It's simply one of those odd coincidences.

Modern boxing trainers keep a few of those newfangled plant-based burger patties on hand for just such a situation.

Thirty days seems excessive, even for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

Viktor had something of an ego problem. He named his castle and both monsters after himself, creating confusion that lasts to this day. It seems that the newly-arisen creature had enough sense to recognize a codependency situation and get out of that dungeon.

Thanks for sticking with us for another week. I recommend checking out Dan Piraro's blog to see what he has to say about this week's gags, and to check out his latest magnificent Sunday page..

Bonus Track

Lord Buckley: Hipsters, Flipsters, and Finger Poppin' Daddies

Richard Myrle Buckley (1906-1960) was a singular American performer. In his book, Chronicles, Bob Dylan said of His Lordship, "Buckley was the hipster bebop preacher who defied all labels."

Amen, Brother Zim.


  1. I like when you include a link to Dan's blog so we can get there easily. :-)

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I missed that when I first posted this entry. It’s fixed now.