Saturday, August 24, 2019

Putrid Proposal

Another week has elapsed, and we've added another feline cartoon to the BSN archives. Let's see what else we covered in the past six days.

If you want to give the staff your highest regards, stop by the kitchen to regurgitate dinner on your way to the litter box.

Sasquatch just can't take a decent selfie, so he keeps using that same old blurry image, but it only seems to make him more desirable.
Intriguing potential dates since 1967
When we're around family members, we often revert to our childhood roles and behavior. At the end of this newscast, the meteorologist promptly squealed to their parents.

It's hard to find good accomplices these days. You should see the guy who didn't make the cut.

Advanced translation software has revealed that the language of love is practiced by all species. This gag was fun to color, but I was really hoping that at least one of our client newspapers offered scratch & sniff printing. 

Has this ever happened in real life? I'd love to hear from any IT professional who's encountered this question on the job.

If you can't get enough comic strip commentary, direct your browsing apparatus to Dan Piraro's Bizarro blog. You can check out Dan's latest Sunday page, and see what he has to say about this week's round of laffs. His posts often put mine to shame in terms of pithy analysis and humorous asides, but he's semi-retired and I'm lazy, so it's not surprising.

Bonus Track

"Human Fly" by The Cramps
Recorded October 1977 at Ardent Studios, Memphis
Produced by Alex Chilton)

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  1. I was thinking I'd like to see a crash-test dummy having a session with a crash test dummy psychiatrist on a desert island, but after seeing the Sasquatch cartoon here, I am wondering if maybe Sasquatch should be having the session with the crush test dummy psychiatrist.

    The crash test dummy psychiatrist could be asking Sasquatch "Why do you think my mother is responsible for your problems?"