Saturday, January 19, 2019

Let it Roll

It's Saturday, which means we're posting our weekly roundup of Bizarro cartoons. 

This investor's callous indifference toward its own kind is based on a faulty premise, as fossil fuels are mostly the product of decomposed plants and very small organisms. Still, based on the tenacity of the misconception, I think the joke works.

Tuesday's gag pokes fun at a fandom subculture, but does so with an undercurrent of affection and gratitude. Since 2006, my hometown has hosted Anthrocon, an annual gathering of furries. This unique nonprofit organization has contributed to our local economy, and endeared themselves to the city. In addition to their conference, meetings, and other activities, each year Anthrocon raises money for a different local nonprofit or charity dedicated to helping animals. They're exemplary visitors and always welcomed as honorary Pittsburgh citizens. Plus, they add plenty of color to our downtown area when they visit.

The wily dealer likes to give out a loaner that guarantees the customer will return for their original parts. This one was a lot of fun to draw, and it took some extra effort to get the mannequin arm just right.

This would almost be plausible as a documentary comic if the real-life counterparts to these characters cared at all about even appearing to be inclusive.

The debate rages on. Apparently many people have strong feelings about which way to install a roll of toilet paper. From a writer's standpoint, I think the first line ("I'm sorry, Bernard.) helps this one a lot, establishing a deadpan, conversational tone.

Of course Dad's binky has been dipped in honey bourbon.

Please cruise on over to Dan Piraro's blog for additional opinion, commentary, and pot-stirring.

Bonus Track

This week's musical choice was inspired by the gags from Monday (band name) and Saturday (song title). 

Hey, Your Faithful Blogger has to find ways to amuse himself week after week.

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