Saturday, June 09, 2018

Please Swallow Responsibly

Greetings from Bizarro Studios North. We started off the week with a bit of confusion, and are working to establish policies to ensure it never happens again.

Monday's gag was a milestone of sorts, being the first one in which I miscounted the number of Secret Symbols in the panel. Although the signature indicates four, there are actually five symbols in the art. Whether or not you look for and count the symbols, I at least hope the gag elicited a laugh. There's now a corrected version online, but today's blog post documents this embarrassing mistake.

Owls don't even make it into the top ten list of the world's loudest animal, and I almost drew today's cartoon with howler monkeys. However, the sound of the word "screech" ultimately sealed the deal for this gag. Also, the owlet was  perfectly suited for that eye-rolling expression.

Air travel would be a lot more tolerable if all passengers could be temporarily shut down. Since that's not practical, this fellow decided to disable his own sensory input. It's not necessarily recommended, but you must admire his ingenuity.

Some sharks don't have to swim constantly to stay alive. They're the ones who have to count calories.

I drew this one as soon as  I realized that, of course, gummy bears would prey upon Swedish fish. The land of candy can sometimes seem cruel.

The more we learn about the ways these devices invade privacy and harvest information, indifference would feel like an upgrade.

For further insight into this week's funnies, ask your virtual assistant to cruise over to, where you'll find Dan Piraro's comments on these gags, as well as his latest Sunday page.

Shameless Self-Promotion Department

When I'm not drawing eyeballs and dynamite, I perform with a music group, The Red Beans & Rice Combo. I'm lucky enough to have teamed up with a couple of very talented actual musicians, and our debut album, Let the Joy Begin! was just released by Bonedog Records. The album is available from the usual download sites, and you can listen to it on Spotify.

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