Saturday, March 17, 2018

As You Like It

I just noticed that there wasn't a single leprechaun-based cartoon this week, and for that, I apologize. To make up for that oversight, here are two Saint Patrick's Day gags from the WaynoVision archive:

Now, back to the current crop of Bizarro panels:

Monday's comic is the first of two in this batch featuring an overindulgent parent. Readers who pay particular attention to the placement of Bizarro Secret Symbols correctly pointed out that there's no pie shown here in the Pie King Diner. The simple explanation is that their pie is so popular, there was none available to tuck into the panel.

Tuesday's cartoon is a verbal inversion of the common phrase "vanity plate." This probably wouldn't pass muster as an actual vanity plate, since they seem to require "clever" misspellings.

While drawing the back end of a car, the idea of turning a few Secret Symbols into those ubiquitous car-window stickers was impossible to resist.

This scene depicted above is so believable, it barely qualifies as a cartoon. It wouldn't surprise us to hear from readers who've been on the other side of that desk. Oh, and there's the slice of pie that was missing from Monday's comic! 

This job interview comic appeared on March 14 (aka Pi Day), a date of particular significance to Your Obedient Cartoonist. I first met Dan Piraro on March 14, 2008. Now, ten years later, we're working together every day. Here's a photo from our very first meeting, showing Dan (rightly) regarding me with suspicion:

(Photo by Miss Ashley Stone)
No blood was shed during the encounter.

This cartoon is not meant to comment on any US President, living or dead. It was, however, inspired by hearing an NPR reporter actually say, "the President gave a major speech on drugs." We just added the logical follow-up.

Most cartoonists really do prefer medical providers who wear head mirrors, even if we don't know what they're called.

The North American Sasquatch is known for its lame sense of humor, but it's a ripe subject for cartoonists. It's made numerous appearances in past Bizarro comics, including the first one of this year.

Bigfoot also turned up in my previous feature a couple of times.

For further insight into the minds of a pair of eccentric cartoonists, be sure to check out Dan's blog. While you're there, you can marvel at his latest Sunday panel.

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  1. Re: Friday's doctor cartoon, I noticed that today's Over the Hedge cartoon also had a cartoon doctor wearing that thing.