Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Like, Purr, Man

Here are a couple of recent animal-related pieces.

First up, we have Jazz Cat and Art Dog, two characters I worked up for the Manchester Craftsmens Guild Jazz Program. The Guild is one of Pittsburgh's cultural gems, a center for education and a place to hear great music, and it's always a pleasure to work with them.
Next, a piece of fan art, created for the award-winning webcomic Untold Tales of Bigfoot.
Vince is a very talented cartoonist and storyteller, although he's very soft-spoken and humble, and would disagree with any compliment that may come his way. UTOB has been running online every week for more than two years, and in 2013, won the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award for Best Online Comic in the long-form category.

Speaking of online comics, I've spent the past few weeks hoarding gags and drawing them for on a new web comic of my own. It will be a weekly gag panel, and as soon as we set a launch date, I'll spread the word.

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  1. Nice work with Jazz Cat and Art Dog. Also, thanks for telling us about UTOB. I'm now a fan of his art as well. take care...