Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Start Me Up

Today's Bizarro is a gag that could almost be an actual occurrence for the caffeine-dependent among us (and I speak from experience).
Here's the sketch as submitted. In Dan's version, at least the fiend put a raincoat on over his pajamas, instead of showing up in a bathrobe.
Many of my cartoonist compatriots suffered from self-inflicted sleep deprivation over  Memorial Day weekend, when the National Cartoonists Society held its annual Reuben Awards here in my hometown. Pittsburghers Vince Dorse and John Manders received Divisional Awards for online comics (long form) and book illustration, respectively.

The event gave me a chance to catch up with many of my esteemed colleagues, including members of the Bizarro collective.
Clockwise from lower left: "Dangerous" Dan McConnell, Wayno, Jim Horwitz, Dan Piraro. Photo by Keith Robinson
At the Sunday night farewell party, attendees were entertained, or in some cases annoyed, by the musical stylings of the Chalk Outlines, my side project with fellow cartoonist (and powerhouse drummer) Dave Klug, and good friends Hank Lawhead, Jeff Stringer and B.G. Mozart. If there's one thing I've learned from this experience, it's that excellent musicians can carry a moderately-talented vocalist.
Ready to wash dishes after the gig: Hank Lawhead, Dave Klug, Wayno, Jeff Stringer, B.G. Mozart. Photo by Jill McGlothlin
Performing with these guys is a real privilege, and a lot of fun. We plan to keep it going on a casual basis for as long as we can convince someone to let us set up and bang away.

As always, you're invited to peruse the Bizarro archive to puzzle over our earlier collaborations. A new joint effort will appear on June 11.

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