Saturday, March 23, 2013

Compact Car

Today, we present the latest in a continuing series of clown cartoons.

Landing a Sunday
1 gag is always an extra kick for this writer. My good buddy Dan Piraro takes full advantage of the larger space, and goes all-out on the art2. The reflections in the highly-polished floor are particularly nice, as are the outfits on the cast.
Here's my submission sketch, which employed a more straightforward viewing angle.
In addition to snagging a Sunday spot, it's also quite satisfying to come up with a wordless gag from time to time.

If you enjoyed this cartoon, perhaps you'd like to view our earlier collaborations, in preparation for our next joint effort, which will appear on April Fools' Day. 

There are currently about a dozen more of our diabolical co-creations in the hopper, to be parceled out over the coming weeks.

1 Yes, this post is up on Saturday, March 23, a day before the publication date noted in the panel. Since many newspapers distribute their Sunday supplements on Saturday, we consider it fair game to distribute Sunday comics digitally on Saturday, too.
2 Although I assist as Bizarro's colorist Monday through Saturday, Dan does everything on the Sunday comics, including the astounding color. His Sunday panels emphasize what a truly great cartoon artist he is.

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