Thursday, January 03, 2013

Tire Pressure

Here's a brand new Bizarro comic to kick off the New Year.
It's a bit of speculation regarding the parentage of a familiar advertising icon. I'm not sure who the mama might be.

At first glance, Dan Piraro's final art looks to be identical to my submission sketch, but as usual, he made subtle yet effective changes. The optimistic anticipation on the young doughboy's face contrasts nicely with Bib's look of shock and consternation.

He also added a little more space around the characters, which is a barely noticeable revision, but results in a more pleasing composition.
Finally, Dan changed the magazine name from Tread to Tired. I don't know why he made that particular edit. Perhaps he'll explain it on his blog, or maybe the Michelin man subscribes to both publications.

If you enjoyed this post, please wander through our earlier collaborations at your leisure, and take a peek in the upcoming weeks for two new feline-themed gags.


  1. I'm guessing it's because "Tired" has a double meaning.

  2. It'd be funny if the magazine was a dirty magazine but with tires. My limited imagination can't come up with a suitable title. Playtire? That's lame. And how could you draw a sexy tire?

  3. Bob:
    Yes! It is better that Tread.

    Hmmm, that would be a challenge.

  4. Coming here late after looking at Bizarro's blog.

    The first thing I thought of with Tired was the magazine Wired.

  5. Wow. That one made the transition with almost no alterations!