Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Emergency Braque

Today's Bizarro takes us on a visit to a cubist mechanic.
Here's the sketch I submitted to Bizarro's CEO, Dan Piraro:
There are countless improvements in Dan's finished version. The car itself is much better, in that it consists solely of rearranged car parts, whereas in my sketch I added elements from Picasso's paintings and sculpture. That extra stuff was unnecessary, and, really, where would a misguided mechanic get those things? Dan's art perfectly conveys Picasso's both-eyes-on-the-same-side-of-the-face style, without overselling the gag.

I also love the look of innocent enthusiasm on his Picasso, versus the artistic petulance of mine.

I still like the striped jersey under the blue mechanic's shirt in my sketch. Also, I'd prefer not to use the words "repair" and "repaired" in the same panel, but these are mere nits.

The inspiration for this gag came from an actual building we pass whenever we visit my dear friend, ace cartoonist/illustrator Mark Zingarelli and his lovely family:
I've often wondered whether a wrecked car would emerge from this place looking better or worse than when it entered.

That talented gentleman Dan Piraro and I currently have seven new gags waiting in the wings. Meanwhile, please enjoy all of our earlier collaborations here.

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  1. Picasso Auto Body continued. Picasso looks at a mangled wreck and says, "And you want this repaired?"