Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do Not Touch Dave's Ladder

Today's Bizarro comic is dedicated to all of the wine lovers who follow this blog.
Here's the sketch I submitted to Dan Piraro. As usual, he worked his magic on the idea to bring it to the printed page. The mosquitoes' wardrobe, body language and accessories added delightful accents to the gag. It was just silly of me to show them drinking in the nude.
I don't know nearly enough to be snobbish about wine, but I do enjoy a glass now and then, and firmly believe in its health benefits, both physiological and psychological.

The last time my wife and I visited California's wine country, I was delighted to see several of Dan's comics tacked to the wall of David Coffaro's tasting room.
The Coffaro Winery is one of our favorites; a welcoming place without a hint of snobbery. If you find yourself touring Sonoma County, it's well worth a stop. They're very nice folks and they make terrific wines. Maybe you'll even see today's cartoon added to their gallery.

Enjoy notes of tobacco, peat, bubblegum, black pepper, coffee, chocolate, cat fur, marshmallow, crayon wax, provolone, pencil shavings, ketchup, cement, maple syrup, gunpowder, blood orange, paint thinner, hot sauce, and newsprint, accompanied by an underlying air of mordant jocularity, by viewing the previous Piraro/Wayno collaborations here.


  1. Having grown up working class in the USA, I know jack-shit about wine. I've been slowly learning, partly thanks to the sudden explosion of wineries and vineyards here in NC.

    Funny 'toon. Definitely amusing and reminiscent of the humor of the late and much lamented FAR SIDE.

  2. Can't wait to get this pinned up on our wall of humor here at the winery! ~Pat Coffaro