Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Supply Sergeant (Bizarro Guest Week Day 3)

As we hit the middle of this week's siege of Bizarro, we present a little-known military item.
These usually sell out quickly at Swiss Army surplus stores.


  1. You obviously modeled your Swiss Army Helmet after the Victorinox brand of Swiss Army knife. Good choice. Their knives are the Swiss Army knife of choice for discerning geeks and nerds. Just ask one! With little prompting you’ll get a lecture and demonstration on every implement contained therein. Great way to scare away potential girl friends on a first date. Ask me how I know.

  2. Comment of the year, Bill! Many thanks!

  3. Another mild chuckle.

    When I was a kid I finally got my hands on a Swiss Army knife that was just...well, too much. I intentionally ditched it. Since then, I only carry pocketknives with a single blade.