Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All on a Summer's Day

I'm getting started on a painting of Lewis Carroll's White Rabbit character. The finished piece will be displayed and auctioned in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Symphony's upcoming performances of David Del Tredici's Final Alice.

The composer says:

"Final Alice" is a series of elaborate arias, interspersed and separated by dramatic episodes from the last two chapters of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, centering around the Trial in Wonderland (which gradually turns to pandemonium) and Alice's subsequent awakening and return to 'dull reality.'
The White Rabbit plays a major role in these chapters, and since 2011 is also the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, I selected this character as the subject of my painting. 

Here's a preliminary study from my sketchbook:

The actual painting will be a full head-to-foot portrait. The trumpet will probably be longer as well. It will be rendered in acrylic paint on 12" x 12" Masonite, my preferred format.

The auction, which will include works from ten artists, will benefit the Symphony and the ToonSeum.

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