Saturday, February 26, 2011

Funny Furniture

Today's Bizarro comic is my latest collaboration with Dan Piraro, and is meant to contribute a bit of absurdity to your day:
Here's my original concept sketch:
This is a case of a joke emerging from a random doodle. Sometimes I scribble while listening to music, talking on the phone, or watching TV. For some reason, I sketched an upside-down guy talking to a woman who could have been a sales clerk, or maybe a doctor. A commercial for an adjustable mattress caught the corner of my ear, and I added a bed to the composition.

Dan suggested we try a more realistic representation showing what the guy would have to go through in order to sleep on such a tiny bed, and he dashed off this hilarious rough with his reply:
Removing the magical aspect improved the gag. In my sketch, the customer actually looks  comfortable and matter-of-fact, perfectly balanced on his head. In Dan's finished cartoon, you can almost feel the twist in his neck. His bunched-up pants and exposed bellybutton add nice touches as well. Sadly, the clerk's see-through dress didn't make it into the published piece.


The very entertaining Bizarro blog has moved to a new location. Dan posts every few days, and includes interesting commentary on his recent comics along with surprising and sometimes disturbing links.

Stay tuned for more collaborations, and in the meantime, review our previous joint efforts here.

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  1. I like what Dan did with your idea. Cool that you can brew this stuff while idling!