Sunday, September 12, 2010

Step Right Up!

Here's my latest gag for Dan Piraro's comic, Bizarro

I'd been kicking this idea around for months, revising the names of the three freaks, and writing the descriptions over and over. Finally, I sat down to sketch out several submissions for Dan, and ended up with this:

The word "freakshow" works much better than "sideshow." I wasn't sure whether "freakshow" would fly with the syndicate, so I was happy to see that change in Dan's final version.

There's no question in my mind that the phrase "high-fructose corn syrup" sounds a lot funner than "genetically modified fruit." Say each one out loud. I think you'll agree.

The talented Mister P also creates a special header panel for each of his Sunday strips, although some newspapers don't use them. Here's the header for this one:

Knowing about the headers, I submitted the idea (below), which Dan completely outdid with his wild barker. My sketch was intended to look like him.

As always, I'm thrilled to see one of my ideas brought to life by my friend Mister Piraro.

• • •

All of our previous collaborations are viewable by searching this blog for the Bizarro label.

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And, since you're already wasting time at work, I recommend reading Dan's blog, which gives insight into his creative process, documents comments from angry readers, and always has funny links sprinkled throughout. He also sells his original art at very reasonable prices. Dan's original black and white art is astoundingly beautiful.

• • •

September 17 update: Dan's comments on this same strip.


  1. It's a good strip! Nice job, W!


    ha. Great minds think alike.

  3. Indeed they do, Shannon! Wow!

  4. Nice commentary. I especially like the first one about the woman. Nothing much irks me as much as seeing a beautiful woman who has fucked up her body with a tattoo.

  5. Anonymous11:32 PM

    The "freaks" in the sideshows of my childhood are just average customers at WalMart now-a-days.