Thursday, April 16, 2009


I recently found a small stash of my old self-published minicomix, including this one from 1988.

Alter(c)ations was one of my "secret" publications. These were printed in editions of 50 copies and were never advertised or sold. I gave them away to friends or sometimes threw them in with an order of other comix.

The images were made from magazine pages (and one "McHale's Navy" bubblegum card). I defaced the source material with white-out, X-acto blades, correction tape and ink. That's a little rubber stamp image of Hedorah (the Smog Monster) in the corner of the next-to-last page, and it looks like the background on the final page is an enlarged photocopy of a Pep Boys ad.


  1. I remember when minicomics were all the rage. Matt Feazell seemed to have really started the movement chugging along. I used to buy them and found some really good ones over the years. Alas, I rarely see that format anymore.

    ALTERATIONS looks like it was lots of fun to create.

  2. The minicomix network was how I met Pumpie, Mary Fleener, J.R. Williams, and Dennis Worden, plus many other artists.

  3. Dennis Worden! That's a name I haven't heard in a long time. STICKBOY was a favorite of mine. I recall being at San Diego one year and walked past Worden and the Fantagraphics fellows. This was after Worden had left them and they wanted to talk to him about returning to the company. I reckon it never happened.

  4. I might have been at that Con!

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