Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sandwiches & Surgery

A couple of recent things...

I just wrapped up the largest, most time-consuming freelance project I've ever done - a series of math "word problems" in comics form.

My assignment from the publisher was for two textbooks, aimed at third- and fifth-graders. Between the character design/model sheets, the full page comics, and the quarter-page solutions, it came to around fifty pages of full color comics.

The project was at times frustrating, with several groups having to review each stage of the art and writing, but overall it was a good experience. It helped to sharpen my negotiating skills, for one thing.

From start to finish, it lasted almost six months. Apparently, I do have some sort of work ethic.

The panel above is from the first installment of a strip I'm contributing to the bi-monthly newsletter from Pittsburgh's Animal Friends. It's my community service project.


  1. Nice stuff. I hope the six-month job paid well.

    I like the critter, too. Is that a spot illustration or part of a story? (I reckon I should click on the link.)

  2. Thanks, Hemlockman. It was a worthwhile project - it's nice to turn a profit occasionally!

    The spayed kitty is a panel from a four panel strip. I'm not posting the whole thing because it's not been published yet. Not that millions of people see this blog, of course.