Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Way Down Yonder

We just spent five days in New Orleans - our favorite place to visit - attending the Jazz & Heritage Festival and enjoying the city's fine food, music and people.

These water meter covers have become one of the city's signatures. They show up on t-shirts and hats, and recast as plates, trivets, and ashtrays.

First stop at the Fest. If you're buying cracklins, trust a vendor named Fatty.

Street food, outside Vaughan's Lounge around 2:00 AM, after a late Thursday set by Kermit Ruffins. The pork chop sandwich was absolutely out of sight.

The final day of the Fest, enjoying a fresh cigar, hand-rolled that morning at the factory on Decatur Street.


  1. OH, so THEM's cracklins!

  2. NO, my friend!

    Fried sweet potatoes are another thing entirely! Cracklins are... um... basically they're chunks of pigskin fried in fat. I guess you could think of them as "fresh pork rinds."

    They come in a little brown bag and you have to eat them before the grease soaks through the paper.

    That's some good stuff!

  3. So fatty is a liar? He doesn't really sell cracklin's, only fried sweet potatoes that he CALLS cracklin's?

    Ackshully, I do know what pork rinds are, and I even have had them "home-fried" in Alabama. I gotta quote the horse in Ren & Stimpy - "No sir, I don't like 'em!"

    But I do love boiled peanuts, fresh out hot out of the kettle. You probably encounter those down there? Do they have to put little "WARNING: food allergy" labels on them now?

  4. Fatty sells BOTH cracklins and fried sweet potatoes. It's hard to see in the photo but there's a sign with prices for both items.

    You and I agree on MANY things, but we're polar opposites on cracklins and boiled peanuts. So if we ever encounter a pork rind and boiled peanut stand, there'll be no competition between us, just peaceful coexistence...

  5. Anonymous2:06 PM

    best cracklins ever tasted