Saturday, June 13, 2020

Pup Psychology

It's Saturday again already? That means it's time to fire up the blog machine and review this week's cartoon output.

Although we love our fur-bearing family members, we sometimes send them mixed signals.

He was simply testing the Big Boom Theory.

A somewhat timely gag. I'd been thinking about the countless small businesses that have suffered economic hardship during the trying (but necessary) shutdowns of recent months. Just before everything changed, I'd picked up a piece of art from one of my trusty local frame shops, and was wondering how they're all managing at the moment. I received some nice comments from people in the business who appreciated the gag.
A comic set in a frame shop gave me plenty of opportunities for placing Bzarro Secret Symbols. 

From now on, I'm going to refer to it as "placing" rather than "hiding" symbols in the comics. My primary goal with each cartoon is to produce a smile, chuckle, or laugh. The symbols sprinkled throughout are meant as a little extra "frosting" for regular readers, but we're not trying to replace the crossword puzzle.

Frankie made another appearance in Bizarro on Thursday, with an image from one of his popular culinary videos. He turns up regularly, in part because I love drawing him.

The poor guy's trying too hard, but he hasn't got a prayer.

This pharmacist is remarkably blasé, considering the fact that the customer is naked. The prescription's packaging includes a long list of sidesaddle effects.

Thank you, as always, for reading Bizarro, and for your comments and support. Visit Dan Piraro's blog for his take on the latest batch of gags, and to view his newest Bizarro Sunday page. Stay safe, Jazz Pickles.

Bonus Track

The ever-wonderful Nellie McKay, with her ode to the joys of canine companionship.


Unknown said...

I dropped off an item for framing just before the pandemic; got it during the city's non-essential shut down. Kinda felt like 50 years ago when I was buying pot. - D.D.Degg

kent said...

I loved Revisionist Chemistry cartoon with the damaged UFO in the corner. I half expected to see a partially exploded stick of dynamite as well. By the way, your puns for the centaur cartoon were real groaners. Good job.