Saturday, March 21, 2020

Hunkered Down

It's been a quite a week. All over the country, local businesses are shutting down or curtailing services and hours in response to the spreading pandemic. 

The Pittsburgh area cartoonists just canceled our monthly lunch gathering. Some of use have ordered gift cards from the restaurant's online store to help with their cash flow in the interim. We look forward to spending those gift cards as soon as possible.

I wish I could help to alleviate shortages of toilet paper, milk, and frozen food, but all I can offer is (I hope) a small dose of humor each morning. 

Alternately, the bartender could just fling him a Twinkie.

Once again I painted myself into a cartoon corner by writing a gag about Bigfoot without allowing room to show his feet. In addition to recognizing the cryptid, the reader has to understand that the abbreviation "BF" means something other than "boyfriend" in this case.

Despite these challenges, I think the gag still works.

This is a common method of foiling stakeouts by Feline PD.

King Arthur may or may not have been an actual historical figure, but his legend is familiar enough for us to lampoon it occasionally (as in this example from last April).
The published art is nearly identical to my rough sketch, with one letter changed in the caption. I reasoned that "Chez Arthur" made the legend about something larger than a single person, and that a touch of grandiosity might make the joke a little more absurd.

I developed a peanut allergy (non-lethal, thankfully) as an adult. I believe it happened because I'd gone beyond the maximum amount of peanut butter that any human should consume in a lifetime. I used to order my favorite brand by the case. I think my body finally reacted in a dramatic manifestation of hives to tell me it was time to stop. 

At least I'm not a vampire. They have a lot of triggers to avoid.

Saturday's panel is what we at Bizarro Studios North refer to as a quadruple-reverse Tufnel. (For further explanation, see this 2011 post).

Thanks for following Bizarro, for your comments, and for taking the time to read my blog. I also recommend Dan Piraro's weekly post, which always kicks off with his latest Bizarro Sunday page, and usually includes some passionate political commentary.

As we navigate these uncertain and frightening times, please take good care of yourself and those around you. May you be well and stay healthy.

Bonus Track

Dr. John: Let's Make a Better World

I love this song, which was written by the great New Orleans bluesmaster Earl King.

I've been a fan of Dr. John for decades, and in recent years, his 1974 LP Desitively Bonnaroo has become one of my favorites. As we began rehearsals for a couple of Mardi Gras gigs early this year, my musical group decided to adopt this song as our theme and guiding principle. We performed it twice in public before live gigs were shut down along with all other gatherings, and look forward to playing it again as soon as possible.

Earl King's lyrics are simple but deep.

The world we know was built on skills
But that alone don't count
Without the sweat and toil of mine
It wouldn't be worth a dime

You got to live and give, share and care
Really put some love in the air
When your neighbor's down, try to pick him up
Nobody can live in despair

Everybody let's sing, sing, sing
Everybody let's sing, sing, sing
Let's all pitch in to do our thing
Make a better world to live in

Society has no priority
We're all one part of a whole
When people scream and shout, you have to hear 'em out
Everybody is a beautiful soul

You gotta pull together, go hand in hand
You really got to do your best
Wouldn't it be a perfect sight to see?
The whole world filled with happiness

Everybody let's sing, sing, sing…
If any of you readers with better hearing than mine can make out the lyrics of the backing vocals, please send your transcription.

Thank you again for reading this far.

Take care of yourselves and your families.

Let's make a better world.


Unknown said...

Great song! I see what you mean about the words sing sung in the background. My ear can't separate it that well. Some one must know!

Unknown said...

This week's blog seemed funnier than usual. Maybe it's cabin fever (tract home fever). Loved all the links, jumping around allows me to indulge my inner ADD while enjoying the tablet roller coaster .
Thank you!