Saturday, March 14, 2020

Wait for It...

Top o' the mornin' to you, Jazz Pickles. We survived another Friday the 13th, and are now waiting to see how we fare against an emerging pandemic. As we avoid physical contact with our fellow citizens, maybe we can all laugh together (separately) at this week's Bizarro comics.

Here's a peek in the cartoon rear-view mirror.

The sign at the entrance to this place says, "Two Troughs, No Waiting." 

Everything we value ends up in the Cloud.

We cartoonists strive to construct a gag that takes an extra second to make the reader laugh, but sometimes that delay can get out of hand. That is meant to be an issue of The New Yorker, but this can happen with anyone in the cartoon game. 

When humans are extinct, ostriches will finally take over the world's golf courses. They're in the rough, waiting.

Apparently, if you're a little person in the land of fairy tales, the name your parents give you determines your personality.

As I've mentioned in the past, I usually run what I consider to be the week's best gag on Friday, but as I compose this post, I'm leaning toward the "Tantric Humor" panel as the week's strongest offering. There's usually a clear winner in my mind, so the fact that I'm still torn between two panels either means I'm getting better as a cartoonists, or I've lowered my standards as a reader.

Saturday's panel depicts yet another hair-splitting scriptural disagreement between competing sects. Although Saint Patrick's Day actually falls on Monday the 17th, Americans observe this solemn holy day on the weekend preceding the actual date, to allow for an appropriate amount of drunken misbehavior.

One has to wonder if driving the snakes from Ireland would have resulted in a frog population explosion.

We're celebrating quietly at the home office this evening. I'm not of Irish descent, but who am I to argue against a hearty corned beef dinner, and a few pints of Guinness with friends?

Which reminds me, I have to go and quarter the cabbage.

Don't forget to pop over to Dan Piraro's blog, and see what he has to say about this batch of shenanigans.

Bonus Track

The Undertones

"Teenage Kicks," 1978

The fact that they came from Derry, Ireland is beside the point. The Undertones were a great punk-pop band that can be enjoyed any day of the year.


kent said...

Well, your "tantric humor" forced me to go to the dictionary. And despite having looked up the meaning, I still was befuddled by the cartoon. So I guess it accomplished its goal. By the way, I believe the 17th is on a Tuesday, so if you're drinking on the weekend, you should be sober just in time to start all over again. I know I'm looking forward to it.

Wayno said...

Thanks, Kent.

Regarding the tantric humor gag, Google might offer more help than the dictionary.

I decided to run the St. Patrick’s gag on the 14th since it seems to be mandatory for Americans to hold their drunken observance on the Saturday preceding the 17th.

When making comics, I’m usually running on pure caffeine. Today is no exception.

I appreciate the comments!

JamieTyroler said...

Normally, most American cities with major St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have them on the 17th. Several people call in sick on the 18th, regardless of what day of the week it falls on. This year, fear of COVID-19 was stronger than the desire for green beer.