Monday, August 20, 2012

Peppermint Heimlich

Today's Bizarro comments on the grotesqueness of a popular candy.
I've always found Pez candy dispensers to be slightly disturbing. In order to eat the candy, you yank back on a cute cartoon character's head, and pull the brick-shaped confection from its gaping neck-hole. Yummy.

This cartoon is an example of the type of joke that simply points out a small truth that everyone ignores, or no longer notices. Surely the first child given a Pez dispenser must have run screaming when an odd foreign object popped out from beneath Santa's nearly-severed head.

I was very pleased to see that Dan Piraro's finished art duplicated my sketch so closely, although there's nothing in the frame besides the two characters and the word balloon, so there wasn't much that I could have misplaced.
Stay tuned for more new Bizarro gags, and if you have time to kill, please enjoy our previous 100 (!) collaborations in this blog's archive.

Very soon I'll officially announce a Winter exhibit of my illustration and cartoon art, along with a "lecture" (or some sort of public speaking event), at a prestigious educational and cultural institution here in Pittsburgh.

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