Saturday, July 07, 2012

Eye Eye, Captain

The Bizarro comic for Sunday, July 8 depicts a leader who refuses to take halfway measures.
Pirates appear regularly* in Bizarro, almost as often as psychiatrists, bartenders, and clowns, so I was pleased to come up with a new variation on the theme.

Here's my sketchbook version of this gag:
My submission is laid out for the daily panel format, and I was very happy to see that Dan Piraro chose to use it as a Sunday comic, giving him room to do a nice panoramic view of the deck with a bit of background scenery to top it off. I just noticed that Dan one-upped me by giving the captain twin beard-braids. A very amusing touch! If only we'd given him a spyglass...

We have many more new laffs in the hopper for your enjoyment. In the meantime, please browse the Piraro/Wayno Collaboration Archive.

*In fact, the first time I met Dan there was swordplay involved.


Anni Matsick said...

Good one! You must have an interesting thought process to arrive at these gags. Some, like this one, seem so obvious yet have gone undepicted.

HemlockMan said...

That is a VERY good joke. Perfect combination of image and text.

aakash said...

Nice joke. Loved it.