Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And You're Not So Big

Today's Bizarro reminds us that no one is a celebrity in his own home, even someone with an impressive, managerial nickname.
This joke arose from a conversation with friends around the time of a Bruce Springsteen concert or record release. Having never been a fan, and feeling contrarian, I remarked "He's not The Boss of me." It drew laughs from the table, and I scribbled the phrase on a scrap of paper.

A few days later, I made this sketch. Dan Piraro's finished art is pretty close, although he added some extra sass to the child's posture, and made the father a little more rumpled. The slippers are a nice little detail too.
Playing off a musician's nickname is nothing new. The great tenor sax player Lester Young (1909-1959) was popularly known as "Pres" or "Prez" (short for "The President"), a monicker supposedly given to him by Billie Holiday.
Jazzbos through the years have expressed political disdain by saying "My president is Lester Young."

My next collaborative cartoon with Mr. Piraro, which also has a musical theme, will appear on Thursday July 26, followed by a milestone of sorts on August 9. Our previous joint efforts are archived here.

By the way, today's cartoon took three hours and fifty-five minutes to draw and color, without a break. Several encores followed.

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Dave and Brigette at the Inn on Mill Creek said...

Kudos on The Boss cartoon. I LOL'd at it on Dan's blog, so I came here to read more.