Saturday, February 29, 2020

Bizarro: The Comic with Balls

Happy Leap Day, Jazz Pickles. This is one of those years when you get an extra cartoon, at no additional charge.

As we wait to see if March makes its traditional leonine entrance, let's take a glance back at our most recent cartoons.

We kicked off the week with an unauthorized cameo by the great magician Teller. He's not as short as we've shown here, but he's often thought of as being a small person since he's normally seen beside his 6'6" partner, Penn Jillette. 

I spent quite a bit of time working on the caricature, since the gag would have failed completely if the drawing didn't look like the actual person.

The day this comic appeared, Bizarro Studios received a lovely email from Teller himself, who said he was honored to appear in Bizarro. Both Penn and Teller tweeted the cartoon to their many thousands of followers.

Penn Jillette also tweeted news that Teller is returning to work after having undergone three back surgeries, and is feeling fine. We wish him the best of health as he gets back in the swing of things.

If you've ever wondered what Teller's voice sounds like, check out his 1997 interview on Fresh Air.

What's up with him using a single name, though?

We all sound like idiots when we speak to our pets. Thankfully, they don't judge us.

They met on the dating site OK Cryptid.

Some readers didn't recognize the character as Bigfoot, and in fact it is tricky to draw the famous beast without either showing his feet, or having him assume the famous striding pose from the 1967 amateur film.

I just realized that this caption is redundant.

Friday's gag offers up a new expression: "I feel like a bowling ball on a billiard table." 

Feel free to use it as you see fit. It might make a good country or blues song.

Sometimes cosmetic surgery comes with perks, such as a colorful garnish for the dinner plate.

That wraps up the latest batch of foolishness from Bizarro Studios North. Thank you for following the comic, for your comments, and for going above and beyond by reading my weekly ramblings.

Dan Piraro also shares commentary on his weekly post, where you can also check out his latest widescreen Bizarro Sunday page.

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Alan said...

I thought billiard tables didn't have pockets? But I suppose "I feel like a bowling ball on a pool table" just doesn't have the resonance.

"I feel like a billiard ball in a bowling alley" may actually have better resonance.

Strike up the band!

kent said...

Hi Wayno, I love the Teller cartoon especially with the little Easter egg of the particular card you chose. Anyone who has watched the boy's long running "Fool Us" show will understand the significance of the 3 of clubs. Thanks for the extra chuckle.

Andrew Heenan said...

The caption is redundant, but it's a good one, so no worries!

Elf said...

Thanks for all of the collaborations between the two of you. I enjoy them in my daily paper and I like both blogs summarizing the weeks.

Wayno said...

Good eye, Kent.

Wayno said...

Thank you!

bergermom said...

It's "Your Feets too Big."

Wayno said...

Yes. I almost didn’t post the link because of that erroneous “to” in the video caption.

The full, correct title is “Your Feet’s Too Big.”