Saturday, May 11, 2019

Hard Reboot

Last Saturday, I joked about staying offline to avoid encountering the phrase "May the fourth be with you." 

I nearly succeeded, but the New York Times crossword puzzle bushwhacked me.
We'll try again next year. 

Now, let's review the week's cartoon offerings.
He was happy to hear that the noodles are made of ancient grains.
Old Leather Apron was inspired after reading The Life-Threatening Magic of Tidying Up. I have to wonder whether this cartoon will make sense to anyone reading it five years from now.
The TV network logo parodied in this panel was replaced in 2005, but the old design fit into our layout better than the current one.
Wise military strategists know that nobody can resist a piñata.
Overwhelming forensic evidence sometimes requires a daring defense. 

Frankenstein's monster is one of our favorite recurring characters, and he'll undoubtedly turn up in future gags.
This treatment method is not recommended for human patients.

For even more smartypants commentary, point your browsing device to Dan Piraro's blog, where he also shows off a beautiful Sunday page that was almost not publishable.

Bonus Track

"Jack the Ripper" by Screaming Lord Sutch

David Edward Sutch (1940-1999) was a classic English eccentric, who ran for Parliament 40 times, most of them as leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.


Jeff Barnes said...

The Frankenstein Monster one day and robots the next -- two of my favorite things! That is what I call a good week indeed!

Wayno said...

Thanks, JB! We love Frankie here at the studio.

okpkpkp said...

A collaboration that works very well. And that video took me back to my youth. *shudder* Thanks for another funfilled week.

SSteve said...

I don’t know what kind of bass that is, but I want one! The pickup placement is whack-a-doodle.