Saturday, January 13, 2018

Six Cartoons and a New Vocabulary Word

Week 2 of Bizarro 2018 has wrapped up, which means we've gone 14 days without a lost-time accident.

Here's a recap of this week's offerings.

The Grim Reaper is a favorite of cartoonists everywhere, and we figured this panel should be nine times as funny as a cartoon with just one reaper. The additional ink needed to draw and print the extras comes to you at no extra cost.

Here's what can happen when you wait until the last minute to order props for your theater. There were no human skulls available, so this production of "Hamlet" had to settle for an alien cranium. They hoped no one would notice, but there was an eagle-eyed crackpot in the front row. 
Office supplies analyze and critique each other just like we do.

This caption originally read, "Lunchtime at the National Bureau of Standards," but that left no room for the picture, so we went with "the lab" instead. This marks my first use of The Lost Loafer.

Here at Bizarro Studios, we admire educators. Teachers work very hardat least our teachers did—and they rarely get enough thanks. This gag is a token of our appreciation for all they do. It's not much, but, hey, we just make cartoons, it's the best we have to offer.

An example of reverse-engineering to set up a weird pun. While working on this one, we learned the word planchette. It's not the surname of an award-winning Australian actress, but, rather, that heart-shaped contraption used to produce messages from the spirits. A lot of research goes into your daily laffs!

That's it from Bizarro Studios North for this week. Be sure to read SeƱor Piraro's blog for a beautiful Sunday cartoon, plus Dan's commentary on this week's shenanigans.

Big thanks from the new guy (below, right) for all the nice comments, crazy suggestions, and words of encouragement.

Men in Hats: Dan Piraro & known associate Wayno
See you next weekend.


Piraro said...

That photo at the sends a clear message: This is a cartoon feature that is written and drawn by a couple of very handsome, fashion-forward bohemian types, one of whom may think he is also a piece of furniture.

Patricia Rochester said...

I love this picture of you both! It's really terrific! Wayno the Squeegee comic was a favorite with one of the ArcaMax Readers! One request was that you would hide the Secret Symbols more. They love having to hunt for the Symbols! The harder the better!! I've enjoyed another week of your comics! Keep up the goof work!!

Wayno said...

Thanks, Pat! I'm still getting the hang of hiding the symbols. My drawing style usually keeps the backgrounds simple, so I don't have very many hiding places. But I think I'm getting better at it, and of course, Dan is helping me with that!

I was happy with the Squeegee Board gag, thank you! It's kind of a weird pun. By the way, these guys in that cartoon also like to listen to the Bee Gees and order their pizza from Luigi's.

Thanks for introducing me to ArcaMax. I hadn't seen that site before!

I promise to keep up the goof work.