Monday, November 06, 2017

Comic Coincidence

Recently, my good friend Dan Piraro and I independently came up with the same gag, but took slightly different approaches. This happens to all cartoonists from time to time, particularly when commenting on something that's current.

Here's my WaynoVision cartoon from September 18:
The day it ran, I heard from Dan via email:
I’ve got a Sunday comic in the pipeline that makes the man-bun/man-loaf pun! I added a lot of other bread types so it goes a step further but it’s going to look like I copied you. DAMN!
And…great minds!
Yesterday, Dan's take on the very same tonsorial topic appeared:
In the Bizarro version, Dan added four more doughy variants, going much further into the realm of the absurd, hitting it out of the park and into the stratosphere with the Man Holiday Cookies payoff.

We've each said in the past that we share a similar sense of humor, but this is a little scary.


Piraro said...

As many of our readers already know, you and I have collaborated on many dozens of cartoons over the years. We started doing that because our senses of humor are extremely similar but I think this might be the first time we've written the same joke independently. The only thing that saved me from doing the EXACT same gag is that I happened to make mine a Sunday panel so I had room (and the need) to expand on the joke and fill more space. Whew!

Bob said...

And (I think I mentioned this back then) the guy with the manloaf in your cartoon looks a little like Dan.