Friday, August 02, 2013

Reflect Yourself!

Today's Bizarro features a happy fellow who's just finished a painful but apparently satisfying task.
Dan significantly changed the composition compared to my straightforward sketch, and the many details he included add a lot of interest to the scene. 
The flash samples on the wall and the gentleman's tattoos also gave him an opportunity to include quite a few Bizarro secret symbols.

The masterstroke in the finished art is the window sign. Since it's painted to be viewed from outside the shop, it also appears correctly to the protagonist as he looks in the mirror.

Oddly enough, this guy's MOM selfie worked out just fine.

I'd been trying for some time to craft a tattoo-related gag parodying Norman Rockwell's famous painting, Triple Self-Portrait, but could never come up with anything that recalled the familiar image and produced a laugh.
Finally, I realized that, as shown in the painting, Rockwell's canvas depicts his mirror image. That was the hook I needed for the tattoo gag. It bears no resemblance to the Rockwell piece that inspired it, but a train of thought sometimes arrives at an unexpected station.

The NO REGRETS text provides an extra layer of commentary on permanent bodily decoration. I know I've had second thoughts about my own youthful choice of epidermal enhancement.

Please feel free to browse all of my prior collaborations with the great Dan Piraro, and watch for more in the weeks to come.


Benny said...

You're not only funny. You're real smart. I like that.

EastEndBrewing said...

Nice! I kept looking for a typo, or a double-reversed character. But maybe I'm reading ahead.

Timothy Satryan said...

Since you are from Pittsburgh, I will assume you will understand when I ask if you are tall enough to wear that tattoo.